Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities are a great way to reduce your retirement risks

FIA Fixed Indexed Annuities
provide tax-deferred growth, liquidity, and income options, plus a death benefit that may bypass the costs and delays of probate.A Fixed Indexed Annuity can also provide you with a guaranteed income stream  and you have the ability to choose from several different income options, including life time  benefit or for a specific period.

A  Fixed indexed Annuity is for clients who:

  • Prefer to delay paying  taxes to a later date
  • Like the guarantee that you won’t loose money in any month,quarter ,or year
  • Like to have A Guaranteed Income Stream at retirement
  • Can withdraw Money  from your account Penalty Free
  • You Don’t Like to pay Fees or commissions from your Gains and Principal.
  • are comfortable that you won’t need extra money immediately
  • Want to Participate in Market Gains without the risk
  • You want to earn a fair  Rate of Return

Who Should Purchase Fixed Indexed Annuities?

In looking ahead to retirement years, most individuals plan on social security and pension pan benefits from their employers to finance their retirement. But, many experts agree that these items usually provide only about one-half of the average American’s pre-retirement income. Many individuals will want to supplement this retirement income. The purchase of annuities is one way to do so, and annuities are most frequently purchased for this purpose.Other individuals who may benefit from the purchase of annuities include individuals whose occupations are ones in which a majority of their life’s income is earned in a short amount of time, such as professional sports figures and entertainers. A small business owner who lands a big contract, or who sells a portion of his business and has a large inflow of income may consider the purchase of an annuity with these funds. Also, children or surviving spouses who receive a large lump sum payment from a life insurance policy may benefit from purchasing a single premium deferred annuity with the funds and selecting some type of lifetime payout option to ensure the proceeds will last the survivor’s lifetime.

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