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Term Life Insurance Is The Most Affordable Way To Protect Your Family & Your Assets

Term life insurance is the most simple and affordable form of protection. You generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis and your family is protected for that “term”. Online Insurance Concepts offers a variety of term products to fit your needs, time frame, and budget. Upon death of the insured, the benefit or face amount is paid to your stated beneficiaries. Term Life coverage usually comes in 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of coverage with a guaranteed benefit. In addition to providing necessary coverage at an affordable rate, Term life protects your insurability. By buying a convertible Term Life policy now, you can convert your policy to a permanent life insurance policy in the future, even if your health is not as good as it is today.

Traditional Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance usually starts at $100,000 of coverage, and it requires a full medical exam. It is ideal for younger individuals and middle-aged people who enjoy good health. In order to qualify, Life Insurance companies perform a comprehensive health exam through a professional Medical Examiner. The exam includes: Blood test, urine test, medical questions, and body measurements. Additionally, a  certified medical examiner will check your blood pressure, height, weight, If you are very healthy, you will get preferred rate. However, if your exam shows abnormal results, you will get a rate increase, or you may not qualify at all. Your Life Insurance Agent will help you determine if this is the right plan for you.

No Exam Term Life Insurance

No Exam Term Life Insurance is a simplified issue insurance plan. This means that the Life Insurance Company will approve you by only asking you medical questions on application and by checking your medical history electronically. Generally, the health requirements are more relaxed and most people qualify for n affordable rate. If you have blood pressure, cholesterol, and/or diabetes with a pill, we recommend No Exam Life Insurance. Typically you can get an approval in a couple of days. There is nothing easier than No Exam Life Insurance.

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Graded Term Life Insurance

Graded Term Life insurance is a non medical Life insurance designed for unhealthy individuals. it’s called “Graded” because it will have a 2 year waiting before it pays the full death benefit. Coverage usually ranges between $25,000 and $100,000,and you can qualify by answering just a few medical questions. You can even buy a Guaranteed Graded term life insurance without medical questions. However, it is the most expensive term life option by far.

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