Universal Life Insurance for Your Future

” Provides Permanent Protection For Your Family”

Universal Life Insurance Is The Best Permanent Protection For Your Future

Universal Life is Permanent Life insurance with flexible-premiums, adjustable Life insurance benefits and cash value accumulation. The flexibility of this policy allows you to change the amount of insurance as your needs for insurance change. As with all life insurance, the main purpose for buying this type of Life insurance policy is the death protection provided to your loved ones at your death. With universal life insurance, you control the amount and frequency of payments.

Looking towards the future?

A Universal Life policy  gives you  the option to increase the premium or make lump sum contributions, subject to limits as specified in the policy. The extra dollars grow tax-deferred, and may increase the cash and death benefit values. On the other hand, in a temporary cash crunch, you can pay less than the scheduled premium and let the policy’s accumulated cash value pay the remainder of the monthly charges.

Universal Life or Indexed Universal Life?

Being an adjustable life insurance, Indexed Universal Life allows you to choose the policy features that are most appropriate for you and to adjust those features as your financial priorities and needs change. Unlike other interest-earning life insurance policies, however, Indexed Universal Life offers interest linked to a stock market index – without the risk of investing directly in the market. With its combination of life insurance coverage, guarantees, flexibility and opportunity for index-linked growth, Indexed Universal Life Insurance is an excellent choice for lifetime protection and Retirement Funding

What Are The Main Benefits From Universal Life Insurance?

Permanent Life Insurance Protection

Your Life insurance policy will protect you until you reach 120 years of Age. As you make your payment and there is cash value, your Life insurance will not expire.

Cash Value Acumulation

Permanent Life Insurance policies accumulate cash value through fixed interest and index credits. This Cash Value can be used for emergencies and to supplement your retirement.

Illness Living Benefits

Our Universal Life Policy provides you with FREE Living Benefits like: Terminal Illness, Critical Illness, and Chronic Illness. This allows you to accelerate a percentage of your death benefit while you are still living.

Top Index Strategies To Earn Decent Interest

Indexed Universal (IUL) utilizes indexes to credit interest to your policy’s cash value. Typically, a top rated insurance company will give you access to indexes like: S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and others.