Insure Your Final Wishes with Final Expense Insurance

“Stop Putting it  Off, and Start Paying It Off”

Final Expense Insurance Is The Right Coverage To Pay Your Funeral Expenses

Final Expense Insurance is a whole life insurance policy that will cover individuals until they reach the age of 100. It is designed to help provide affordable protection that pays a cash benefit directly to the person you choose as your beneficiary. This valuable financial help will allow your family to pay funeral expenses, medical bills, and other debts when you die. Most Final Expense Policies are available for individuals between 20 and 85 years of age. Generally, Insurance companies offer face amounts between $2,000 and $40,000. Best of all, it is one of the easiest life insurance you can qualify for. In addition to the peace of mind that a Final Expense  policy offers, it also offers Never Changing Premiums, a Personalized Funeral Plan and the Accumulation of Cash Value which guarantees your coverage will never expire. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows how difficult loss can be; emotions can be overwhelming and one will quickly find out how hard it can be financially. The cost of a funeral can add up quickly and the last thing your loved ones need to worry about in such a difficult time, is if they will be able to cover the funeral expenses.

Types Of Final Expense Insurance Plans

final expense insurance

Level Final Expense Insurance

Level Final Expense Whole Life Insurance is usually available for seniors or individuals who enjoy average Health and are able to answer NO to medical questions on application. You can obtain up to $40,000 of Whole life Insurance Coverage. If you take certain medications for maintenance, and it has been more than 2 years since you had a major illness, you may qualify .

Graded Final Expense Insurance

Sometimes, when you apply for a final expense plan,you may get "Graded". Graded Final Expense Insurance is a 2 year waiting whole life Insurance .If you answer YES to one or two of the health questions on application , you may get this offer form the life insurance company. Additionally, you may get a higher price, but it is usually within most people's budget

Guaranteed Final Expense Insurance

You can qualify for up to $25,000 of Guaranteed Final Expense Insurance without medical questions. If you are between 40 and 85 years of age, we have a plan for you.The only requirements is that you are able to sign the application and you are not terminally ill. If you suffer from: Aids/HIV, Cancer, Strokes, Dialysis, Hepatitis C, and other illnesses, you qualify.

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Compare Final Expense Insurance Rates

You have many options when it comes to Final Expense and Burial Insurance. Here are some of the benefits our Final Expense Insurance Program offers:

  • If you are 25 – 85 years of age, you qualify to apply
  • Coverage available from $2,000 to $40,000
  • Builds Cash Value
  • No Medical Exam Required (approval based on answers to questions on application)
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Available
  • Single Premium Whole life Insurance available
  • Accelerated Benefit Rider
  • Only Top rated Life Insurance Companies
  • Additional Benefit for Accidental Death
  • Premiums never increase and Death Benefit never decreases
  • Personalized Funeral Plan with your final wishes.
  • .
    Important: These are average prices based on: Excellent Health, Decent Health, and Poor Health. However, you may qualify for a great rate even though you may think you are not healthy. Once you speak with our Final Expense Specialists, you will be qualified for the best rate guaranteed or your money back!

    Final Expense Insurance Benefits


    No matter what age you are, you final expense insurance will protect you as long as you pay your premiums on time. Additionally, your monthly payment and your death benefit is guaranteed not to change during the life of the policy


    Final Expense Policies accumulate guaranteed cash value and it grows every year until your cash value equals your death benefit. This allows you to utilize this cash for emergencies or to prevent your policy from lapsing.


    Many final expense policies allow you to accelerate your death benefit if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is a great way to access your final expense insurance cash benefit while you are still living.


    This option is basically a way to exchange your original death benefit for a smaller one without having to pay additional premiums. This could a much better choice than to cancel the entire policy.

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