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“Insuring your children and grand children with life insurance “

Insure Your Children and Grand Children with Whole Life Insurance or Term Life Insurance

Insure your chidren and grand children with Whole Life Insurance or term Life Insurance
Insuring your children and grand children with life insurance may seem odd because they are so young, and thinking about our kids passing away or becoming ill seems so unlikely. However, insuring them with a Term life Insurance policy or a Whole Life Insurance Policy at a young age will help them get more life insurance without proof of insurability once they are adults. It is a legacy we can leave our children and grandchildren for the rest of their lives, and it is so affordable!
Term Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance for children can be purchased as Child Rider as part of the parent’s or grandparent’s life insurance policy. It is very affordable, and once the child reaches 24 years of age, he has the right to convert this term life insurance to his own and upgrade it to more life insurance without a medical exam!
Whole Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance is a cash value permanent policy parents can buy for their kids, and grandparents can buy for their grandkids. It is very affordable and it has the potential to accumulate strong cash value for their retirement years. Is like purchasing a valuable gift for your child or grandchild that keeps on giving! Additionally, they can participate and learn how money and savings work at a young age!
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