Retirement Planning

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Setup an Annuity Program to Supplement your Retirement

Annuities may be purchased by individuals who have already accumulated a large estate, individuals who have exhausted 401(k) and IRA opportunities, or who are self-employed and seeking to plan for their retirement. These are just a few examples of appropriate annuity candidates. Other individuals who may benefit from the purchase of annuities include individuals whose occupations are ones in which a majority of their life’s income is earned in a short amount of time, such as professional sports figures and entertainers. A small business owner who lands a big contract, or who sells a portion of his business and has a large inflow of income may consider the purchase of an annuity with these funds. Also, children or surviving spouses who receive a large lump sum payment from a life insurance policy may benefit from purchasing a single premium deferred annuity with the funds and selecting some type of lifetime payout option to ensure the proceeds will last the survivor’s lifetime.

… We always review the customer’s financial situation, including existing retirement plans or options when discussing the purchase of an annuity…

Our Annuity Products are an excellent way to Accumulate Money for retirement. All our products have a minimum Guaranteed interest and a high Participation rate so you will earn top gains in good years and you will not loose in the bad years. click here to calculate how much money you will have for retirement utilizing a Fixed or a Fixed Index Annuity.

Learn more about 401k Plans

A 401k retirement plan offers tax deductible contributions, tax deferred growth and taxable distributions.Any business, whether a C Corporation, S Corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or self-employedcan establish a 401k retirement plan. . The company sets the eligibility requirements, within certain guidelines, at the time the company 401kretirement plan is established. If they wish, the employer can restrict individuals with less than 1 yearservice, union members, non US citizens, part-time workers etc., from being eligible for the plan.Contributions to a company 401k retirement plan can come from voluntary employee salary reduction orfrom the employer, or both. For 2008, each individual employee can defer up to 100% of their pre-taxincome into the 401k retirement plan up to a maximum of $15,500 per year ($20,500 if over age 50).

…..Over 50 million Americans contribute to 401k plans and they a great way to accumulate Money for retirement.However, Most of us do not have the right Information and we do not know how to design our401k correctly…..

Our Goals is to help our clients to protect what they have worked so hard to accumulate.The key is to diversify your retirement options with various financial vehicles. We have included some links so our Agents and Clients can become more educated on 401ks and other Qualified Plans. There are many fees hidden in 401k’s and we need to educate our clients on these unknown charges.

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